Are you eager to unleash your full potential through a meat-based diet? Join my exclusive webinar, “Meat Your Best Self,” with me, Coach Tiffany Davis, a certified Keto/Carnivore coach with 6 years of dedicated experience thriving on a meat-based diet.

This comprehensive event, lasting 60 – 90 minutes, will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed on a meat-centric nutritional journey.

You’ll have plenty of time for questions after the initial presentation, ensuring that you leave with all the insights and guidance necessary to embark confidently on your meat-based diet adventure.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this transformative session:

  1. Prioritizing Protein: Understand the critical importance of prioritizing protein.
  2. Types of Meat-Based Diets: Explore various meat-based diet options, to find the one that aligns best with your goals and preferences.
  3. Meat-Based Diet FAQs: Get answers to common questions and concerns about adopting a meat-based diet, ensuring you have a solid foundation for your journey.
  4. Calories: Do They Matter? Learn whether calorie counting is necessary on a meat-based diet and how to manage your energy intake effectively.
  5. Tracking: Yes or No? Discover the pros and cons of tracking your food intake and explore alternative methods to monitor your progress.
  6. Dealing with Cravings: Gain practical strategies to manage and overcome cravings, ensuring your commitment to a meat-based diet stays on track.
  7. Navigating Social Situations: Learn how to confidently navigate family gatherings and restaurant outings while adhering to your meat-based diet.
  8. Eating Meat on a Budget: Get tips and tricks for enjoying the benefits of a meat-centric diet without breaking the bank.

As a bonus, participants will receive:

  • An accompanying PDF of the presentation for reference.
  • A specially curated carnivore shopping list to kickstart your journey with ease.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to transform your relationship with food and embrace a meat-based diet with confidence. Reserve your spot now (limited spots available) and embark on the path to becoming your best self!

Please note that participants must be at the live event, there is no replay.

To Book Using Calendly – please choose September 8th and follow the registration prompts.